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Weiqin friends happy walking tour

Source: 威勤电子Author: adminTime: 2018-05-22 13:55:35

Walking on the road, we can stop to enjoy the scenery along the way;


Under the blue sky, we can enjoy the close contact with nature.


Feet on the earth, we can use our feet to measure the motherland;


With our eyes closed, we can feel the warmth of the sun;


This walking activity, the whole journey of 20 kilometers, the whole journey is cement pavement, in every place we pass, from different angles, can form a very beautiful landscape picture. Walked through, read, leaving a good memory. Tired, tired, calm down and slowly taste, in nature this natural oxygen bar every step is so happy and full, that is filled with confidence and strong!


To feel the hiking by heart, we can find that in fact, a person's life is like hiking again and again, there are happy, there is pain, there is persistence, there is hesitation; Life is like a landscape that comes in front of you and then passes you by. If you learn to use the digital camera in your hand, what stays on the CCD film is the harvest of your life. Hiking and life are not different, need to heart, need perseverance, have a starting point and an end point.


In short, in hiking, attitude determines everything, the process is beautiful, the end is also happy, because everyone of us are running in this direction. At the end of this hiking activity, we also held fun and games, divided into three girls, the first group members also got gifts prepared by the company.


Walking makes people happy, can let people's whole body cells are full of vitality and passion, there is hope, more dream.