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Six rules help you discover your customers' needs

Source: 威勤电子Author: adminTime: 2017-02-20 14:32:20

"What are the customer needs?" Is the most concerned problem of every salesperson. Only by finding the needs of customers can sales work move forward firmly and forcefully like a ship that has found its course.


Customer needs can generally be divided into two kinds, one is the customer said, obvious; The other is what the customer does not say, and even the customer himself cannot clearly describe. These needs require sales staff to use skills to explore.


Identify the needs of customers, sales work is a successful direction!


1. Fully understand customers and target their "itch points"


The main job of sales staff is to find out what is the main incentive for customers to buy this product, and what is the main point of resistance for customers not to buy this product. Then, the real sales begin.


Joe Girard has said that the most important job of salespeople is to find out what are the main incentives for customers to buy the product and what are the main reasons for customers not to buy the product.


2. Active marketing to thaw customers' "cold storage" needs


Everyone has a habit of waiting until the last minute. Only when the problem is naked in front of your eyes will you look for a solution. This is especially true for our clients, and if you want to solve more problems for them, or let them decide quickly whether you should solve them for them, your ability to solve problems for them one step ahead of others depends on whether you understand more of their hidden needs.


3, become a customer's consultant, he will naturally tell you what you need


Anyone who makes a decision wants to hear more suggestions and opinions. Instead of waiting for the result to happen, as a salesperson who needs the customer to make a quick decision, you can promote it by giving your customer more reference information, so that you are not the one who sells to him, but the person who helps him decide whether to buy your product -- the consultant.


"Listening" is the best way to get information


In business, being a good listener is far more useful than bragging. If you're interested and eager to hear what the customer has to say, unexpected opportunities and valuable information will come to you, and orders will often come uninvited.

In sales, listening is king. The really great sales stories always start with The Leaf. The more we listen, the more we can get past the psychological defense of our customers and build a relationship with them that is conducive to sales.


5. Sales staff who ask questions are good at discovering customer needs in their answers

Ask questions in order to get answers. If you want to learn more about a client's state of mind, don't wait for him to say it. Ask questions effectively so that you can not only understand the client's inner thoughts, but also direct them in the direction of their thinking. At the same time, the quality of your questions and your logical ability will show that you are a professional who knows exactly what to do with each step.


The function of questioning is to train sales personnel to think by themselves, and win the positive thinking of potential customers, and win the interest, trust and dependence of potential customers. Joe Girard points out that "if salespeople use their questioning skills well, they can get the message early on about what customers really need and what concerns they have and get their attention."


6. SPIN is the most effective way to elicit large orders


There is a way to do everything, and there is always a simpler and more effective way. We find that the best salespeople in big businesses do have a special set of skills. The most important set of skills these successful performers possess is what we call SPIN. If there's a universal rule in sales, it's SPIN.Want to change in sales, SPIN sales method is the best choice for salespeople.